Soft Cell Prove The Cabaret Still Hasn't Stopped at The Eventim Apollo

Forty years on from the launch of their platinum-selling debut album, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, Soft Cell prove that the cabaret still hasn’t stopped, even after so long. Marc Almond and David Ball, accompanied by four backing singers, and the seasoned saxophonist (or, in Almond’s words, the ‘Sax Symbol’) Gary Barnacle, put on an anniversary party to remember at the Hammersmith Apollo, complete with glittering confetti and swirling lights projected onto every wall of the arena.

Deap Vally: Marriage - Album Review

The cover art of Los Angeles-formed rock band Deap Vally’s latest release, 'Marriage', is a vibrant, eclectic collage: vocalist-guitarist Lindsey Troy has her mint-green-croc-covered feet stretched out over a cut-and-pasted swimming pool, while vocalist-drummer Julie Edwards sits perched on the diving board above in a neon-yellow cheetah-print ensemble. They don’t seem like they’d go together, but in this case, they somehow do—making the design a good representation of the driving force behind their third full-length album.

Hana Vu: Public Storage - Review

The cover art of Los Angeles-based artist Hana Vu’s newest album, 'Public Storage', follows the pattern of the three singles released prior to it—'Maker', 'Keeper', and 'Everybody’s Birthday', which featured highly-saturated, gritty images of body parts, from an eye, to a hand, to a closed set of teeth. Now the mouth is open, allowing us an intimate look into the human body—just as the album itself does sonically, giving us an unflinching portrait of Vu as both an artist and a person.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes Prove To Be Pioneers of Post-Pandemic Punk with New Album, Sticky

Even from 'Sticky'’s album art, it’s easy to tell that punk-rock band Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ latest album marks a sharp departure from their previous releases—though, looking back at 2015’s 'Blossom', 2017’s 'Modern Ruin', and 2019’s 'End of Suffering', it seems this sudden explosion of colour and sound has really been a long time coming.